Extension Programs are taught through Sophia University's Community College and are available to the public. 

Course description

Speaking in public is many people’s biggest fear. Worse than spiders! Speaking in public in English must be even more terrifying, but together we will learn how to make the most of our presentation skills. We will look at everything from the basics of body language to the technicalities of PowerPoint. Together we can build our confidence and prepare to speak publicly at conferences and business presentations without fear. Public speaking is a great skill and will give you confidence in speaking English. This course is for people who have already got an intermediate or reasonable understanding of basic grammar and vocabulary, but may not have yet gained full confidence in their speaking ability. In the course we will all prepare, practise and give individual presentations in front of the class which will help us gain confidence in speaking publicly in English.

Course Objectives

In the class you will watch, create and give presentations about a number of topics. These topics could be related to what you do in the real world. We will provide feedback and strategies for creating effective presentations and speaking in public confidently. We will also learn about PowerPoint and how to manage our body language, structure presentations and even how to deal with questions and problems when presenting.