Sophia University Teacher Training Courses for Teaching Certificate Licence Renewal

Our reliance on Information Communications Technology (ICT) in daily life is steadily increasing, and with it so too is the expectation that teachers will use educational technology in their classrooms. Both English language ability and digital literacy are important skills for learners to master. How can language teachers combine both language learning and new media in their classrooms? This course will examine how teachers can make the most of the technology available to them. It will discuss applications and websites that can be used both in the class and set for homework. This course also examines the different ways teachers can use technology to facilitate meaningful language practice for students whilst making our own work more efficient and less time-consuming.

Using and Adapting Authentic Materials to Help Motivate Students

この講習では、生徒に様々な異文化や価値観にふれさせるために、オーセンティック素材をどのように選び、教材化するかを学ぶ。そのための方法として、受講者はオーセンティック教材を分析し、体験したうえで、生の素材を修正し、タスクを作る作業をワークショップ形式で行う。     なお、この講座のすべての活動は英語で行う

This course offers an insight into how best to select and adapt authentic materials to use with students as a way of exposing them to other cultures and ways of thinking. It has been shown that authentic materials are more motivating for students (Peacock, 1997) and thus the class will feature practical demonstrations of ways in which authentic materials can be used to help motivate students. In the class, participants will look at, observe and demonstrate tasks which utilise authentic materials and participants will also have the chance to a adapt materials and design their own tasks in a hands-on workshop.